What is smart search?

Our smart search is a new generation search engine. It is more powerful, accurate, and visualized.

With our smart search, you can make keywords searches, such as company names, stock symbols, SEC filings, and much other information you would like to know. Besides these, with our smart search, you can also do comparative analysis, look up financial data, and search inside the texts.

  1. Search stocks

After you type a company’s name or symbol, we will direct you to that company’s information page where you can find price and trading information and overviews of key financial data. If you want to further look into that stock, just click on the company symbol.

  1. Do comparative analysis

After you type multiple companies’ names or symbols in the search bar, we will provide comparative analysis for these companies in one page. For example, if you want to compare Apple Inc. and Google Inc., you just need to type “AAPL GOOGL”. Then you will get a page comparing their fundamentals and key statistics.

  1. Look up financial data

After you type a company’s name and the name of financial data, we will search this information through millions of SEC filings. We will not only simply provide you everything about your keywords like traditional search engines. But our smart search will also extract the most accurate and relevant data and then draw these data into tables and diagrams. In this way, we can make financial data search far more straightforward and visualized. For example, if you want to find operating leases data for Apple Inc., you can type “aapl operating leases”. Then you will get a table and a diagram for Apple Inc.’ operating leases data for the past 8 years.

  1. Search inside the texts

We also provide powerful full-text search to help you find anything you are interested in, no matter it is a new product, an executive name, a terminology, or a location. Our full-text search runs through millions of historical filings word-by-word. With it, you can get anything that might help you learn about a company.


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